8 background music to impress your YouTube subscribers!

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Are you a youtuber looking for great background music for your videos? We at Legend From Heaven understand the importance of using perfect music to get more views. We love to work with partners and combine our talents. We would be happy to be a part of your creation by providing you with the best background music available.

Our background music is used by many youtubers worldwide. We pride ourselves in the quality of our music and would love to make your videos just as successful. We are a new start-up, but have gained a lot of popularity within a short period of time. Below are some famous partners who have used our selections:

Kristall - 51k SUBSCRIBERS

This happy and light acoustic track with a beautiful flute melody is perfect for positive and upbeat projects.


Amélie Barbeau - 187k SUBSCRIBERS

This positive and happy sounding acoustic track combines uplifting energy with beautiful atmosphere.


East Meets Kitchen - 7,5k SUBSCRIBERS

This cute and wonderful track with a lively melody creates a pleasant background for YouTube videos.


This is a small sample of our many customers who are using our services to enhance the quality of their videos. Check out and visit our website to choose the best for you from our unique collections specially created for dedicated people like you which would definitely add that extra spice to your videos.

So, let's combine our talents!



Puedes encontrar musica de fondo para videos y presentaciones. Hay un montón de música para descargar. Regístrate ahora, ¡es gratis! 


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I am beyond excited to use your free background music in my videos. I am sure my subscribers will love to hear it! It is literally music from heaven! It does not only sooth your ears but your soul as well! Love it! 

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