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Download free background music and use it in your videos. Top 8 free background music for your project.

Background Music

Happy Upbeat Clapping

free background music

Happy Energetic Acoustic

Lifes happy journey.jpg

Life's Happy Journey

background music tracks

A Happy Life

music for videos

Time's a Wastin'

best background music for videos

City Lights

fre instrumental background music


happy background music

Across the Ocean

Are You a Youtuber Looking for Free Music for Your Videos? 

The selections above are used by many youtubers worldwide. We pride ourselves in the quality of our free music and would love to make your videos just as successful. We are a new start-up, but have gained a lot of popularity within a short period of time. Download thousands free music tracks background today!

Free Background Music for Videos

The Importance of Using Free Music for YouTube Videos.

We understand that subscribers play an important role in the career of a youtuber. It's time to help your viewers, while delighting them with great free music. You only get one chance to impress your audience. Then why not work together with us to make your first impression the most memorable?

We Love to Work with Partners and Combine Our Talents. 

We have the best site of Happy Upbeat Free Music for YouTube Creators. We love to work with artist and combining each one’s talents. We would be much happier to be a part of your growth as a youtuber by giving the best free music to your creation. We pride in the quality of our free music and would want to have a working hands on with you.

Our Unique Collection.

Our free music site company is used by many content creators worldwide. Below are some famous partners who have used our selections:

music for your videos

Amélie Barbeau


Description: This positive and happy sounding acoustic music combines uplifting energy with beautiful atmosphere to create a truly wonderful feeling of warmth and goodness.

Free Music Library

Happy Upbeat Music

good background music for a video

Fabi Ortiz


This cute and wonderful pop track with a lovely piano melody creates a pleasant vibe for YouTube videos, commercials, advertising and graphics content that needs an uplifting message. 

Free Music


best tutorial background music



This happy and light free music with a beautiful flute and ukulele melody is perfect for positive and upbeat projects. Use it to make your audience feel good.

Audio Clips:

Rock Music

background music best

East Meets Kitchen


This cute and light track creates a pleasant jazz vibe for YouTube channel and any content that need an energetic music track with positive life messages. Tutorial video background music.

YouTube Audio Library

Free Music

music backgrounds

It’s energetic corporate inspiring upbeat positive uplifting motivational background pop track with guitars, piano, strings and other. Perfect music for: animations projects, vlogs, YouTube channel.

Music for YouTube:

Inspiring Cinematic Music

tutorial background music

Kathy Fuentes


Listen this free music with positive mood featuring upbeat drums, guitar, bells and a catchy melody. This track is a perfect music for videos, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter tv production and presentations.

Free Music:

for filmmakers

So, Let's Combine Our Talents! 

Now it’s your time to not only help your viewers and subscribers with your informative videos, but also tickle their ears with some stunning free music. Get emotionally connected to them by adding the melody that would take your viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride according to the flow of your content. Studies say that any good free music helps to convey the video contents in a more interesting and appealing way.


When you're filming a video, there are two important things that need to be considered: the music and the mood. You get only a few minutes to impress your subscribers. We are here with some of the best variety collections of epic free music that will impress your subscribers. ​Our unique songs, especially created for talented people like you, would absolutely spice up your YouTube videos. 


This is a small sample of our many customers who are using our tracks to enhance the quality of their content. Check out and visit our page to choose the best for you from our free music library collection websites specially created for dedicated persons like you which would definitely add that extra touch.

Want to use a song that isn't widely used? You don't have to search any further! We offer free music by skilled musicians and artists from around the world, guaranteed to add a unique flavor to your production. Fees not included!!! Download now for free.

Top 5 Reasons for Talented Content Creators to Add Audio Clips.

  • Free music helps to convey everything to the correct mood of your video style even before you actually start speaking.

  • Free Music tracks helps to seize more the viewer’s attention even earlier than whatever occurs in the video.

  • Many times it’s found that a beautiful music for videos becomes a reason for someone to share the with others.

  • You can get emotionally connected to your viewers and thus develop a great connection which is more than just a youtuber-subscriber relation.

  • You can select the chill songs as per the pace and tempo of your video.

Come and visit our website platforms to choose from the most beautiful songs specially designed to perfectly fit all types of content without any cost. Get the best free music and develop warmer and stronger relations with your audience. Our free music works. Search more free music at our audio library. Check out our Instagram.

free soundtracks for videos
We Would Be Happy to Be a Part of Your Creation by Providing You with the Best Free Music Available. 

So you have your idea whether it is a video games, vlog, podcast etc. Job very well did! Not so quick, your video has background music correct? Finding the perfect free music is only half the battle. Consider our free music tracks as the actual glue it all jointly. Without it, your media project runs the highest risks of falling apart. With the right and well composed background music your creative content will be as smooth as silk and you will fall in love with your multimedia projects.


Our team with free music creates your all media content professional. Not anything shows each one you really know what you are doing than going the additional mile and placing free music of your multimedia work. The free Music brands you. A few items, podcast or any type of media project we keep in mind just because of the sweet and smooth melody. Free music hooks everyone in and leaves a long lasting impression on people's mind that would not forget the softness of the music.

Our Free Music for YouTube Will Absolutely Spice Up Your Videos.

The No. 1 Best Site for Free Music Downloads. Music is also the one global language. Do you wish to cross the entire hurdles with your incredible channel? Do you wish to market to? You need classical melodious free music. This is the one media place and only tool that will attract every one of all ethnicity's to you. Unlimited Downloads!!!


It is a bit expensive, you could but a few audio tracks online and slap them in your content. There is a lot of tools that help your brand with this procedure of free music tracks but it's very difficult to use as-well-as worked no very well as like an experienced music artist.


Our free music is to take it to the peak level. Always hire a professional artists like Legend from Heaven, because we understand the need for your precious blog! Our goal is to provide you with free music that matches your mood and helps set the tone of your video. We offer a wide range of moods including indie, acoustic, rock, punk, pop-punk, post-rock, electronica/future bass, chillout/lounge, dancehall/reggae. Search more!!!

Background music

Online Background Music Catalog That Creates Free Audio Clips!

Now that you have concluded your YouTube video content, whether it is YouTube videos tutorial, vlog, video games, tv production or commercial video, job well done! But not so fast, your video editing has free music right? Think of free music as the bond that holds it all together. Without free music, your video runs the risk of falling apart. With the right tracks, your video project will be as smooth as silk. Free Music Downloads!!!

With the Right Free Music, Your Video Project Works Great.

Legend from Heaven offers tons of happy and upbeat background music tracks for free without fees. If you are having a small budget and looking for a creative songs, you can just go through the website and you are sure to find one that you will be most satisfied with! Make your video a special by choosing one among the many amazing professional compositions here!! No extra fee.

When you’re starting a YouTube channel and looking to create awesome content, choosing free music for your idea can be a challenge. There are many sites offering royalty-free music, but not all of it is worth using. In fact, some of it isn’t even original! To avoid wasting time and money on bad choices, try our playlists where you can find awesome video background music. Your videos will thank you! Download Here!

When looking to incorporate background music into your YouTube videos, you don’t want just any old tone - you want high-end music that help set a mood and bring out your video’s true potential. Read on for a guide list of our favorite background music topic and get ready to take your video production to a whole new level. Download Now!

Free music makes your video editing more professional. Nothing shows everyone you truly know what you are capable of than going the extra mile and putting tracks in the background. This distinguished you from the pack and makes your video more appealing from others.

Your choice of free music brands you. Some product and services, multimedia project we remember only because of their melody. Our free music hooks people in and establishes a lasting impression on people brains that they won't stop thinking about.

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